Dyspeptalk #10.

“Being nice doesn’t mean holding out cab doors for beautiful girls to step out,

Or letting others dictate what your life should have been like had you listened to every advice thrown your way,

Or giving in to people who only hold you when their loneliness craves company and never return your calls six days into your gutless feeling of hopeless desperation.

Being nice means not shattering every single shred of hope a person holds that you wouldn’t betray their trust just because they gave you the power to do so.

Being nice means being honest to their trials and tribulations, not patronising or sympathetic, just telling them what happened to them would happen to a thousand more souls and they aren’t damaged only a little rusty at the spot they used to touch their hands and feel a beating heart.

Being nice means smiling at strangers so they get a reason to smile back at you, because trust me, they want to, and saying something funny no matter how stupid it makes you look because tomorrow people won’t remember the look on your face or what you said but they’ll always remember to smile when their lips feel too taut over their teeth.

Being nice means knowing you can be rude and some people will always confuse rudeness with gruffness and applaud your efforts because somewhere down the line we taught ourselves it’s okay to hurt people as long as it makes for a good show, but the person who was hurt that day shall always remember, and they’ll always wonder if niceness is something they have to earn, not take for granted.

Being nice means listening to those who had days when they took the metro to work or drank shitty coffee at a cafe downtown or sat in the corner of a room with their hands on their lap and ghosts of their depression hovering over their minds, and all they waited for was a word or a smile, and you could have given it to them if you didn’t have your head up your ass from binge watching misogynistic sex comedy all night.

Being nice means knowing, yes, you can take all the time to hurt someone and bully someone, but in this moment, you can be kind to them,

Because being rude, can always wait.”



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