Dyspeptalk #8.

“You reach out your hand and scoop a moment out of someone’s life- just a moment, out of anyone’s life, at random- and what you’ll find glistening at the tip of your finger, could be called the ghost of things that could’ve been.

Because honestly, every moment of our lives, is a chance to be something else, to be someone else, and every moment we don’t, there’s a year of sadness we add to our heavy lives.

Its hard to take a leap of faith, or just tell anyone how you feel and what you want and if you believe in God and whether you ran to the shop of tricks or exploding balloons first when you visited the village fair.

It’s hard to open up your heart to someone, allow them to touch the cracked ribs that shift and scar every time you take another deep breath, and let them know how many people came and left from your heart and how you kept breaking pieces of your chest to make space for more.

It’s not easy to tell someone what you want, what you really want. It takes courage, to tell a person whether you like them enough to want them to be a part of the best moments your life might have, or not have anything to do with them till you turn 40.

Go ahead, tell them. They are looking at the same stars across the sky tonight and you’re reading the pages of the same dusty book together and if that’s not sign enough, I don’t know what is.

Tell them whether it’ll be a coffee and a discussion about your favourite music or losing your virginity to them on an autumn afternoon when your parents weren’t home and neither of you were ready for the pain. Tell them whether it’d be your heart in their palms or their tongue between your lips or your hands under their top or their hands on your credit card.

Tell them all of this, so they know what’s coming, so they can decide before hope starts breathing in vain.

Tell them all of this because there’s beauty in being desperate.

Tell them all of this because in this moment, they deserve to be told, and you deserve to be heard.



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