Dyspeptalk #19

The best advice I ever got, was never to settle for something noncommittal, when all I wanted was something absolute.

You ask me what I want today, and I tell you, I want you.

There is no hidden meaning to it, no negotiations, no truce.

I want you, with your filthy mouth and your filthier mind at 3 o’clock every night.

I want you with your fiery temperament and sunny good mornings and it’s been a rough day frustration.

I want you at your extremes.

Don’t tell me maybe if you want to say no way in hell.

Don’t tell me I could behave better if all you want me to be, is less of a pathetic jerk who makes you cry some nights and smile on others.

I want you to be honest.

Don’t turn into those romantic movie characters if you don’t want to, with your entire heart in your palms.

Don’t say you wished for a boyfriend who’d write you letters if all you want is a guy who can rub his tongue under your ear like new denim scrapes your thigh.

Don’t say you want to hold hands if all you want is a day spent in each other’s arms.

Say it.
Say what you want, and let him take care of his own feelings.

Tell him you’d like a vibrator better than a pink sequined sofa cushion.

In the end, that’s all we ever want. To be honest to someone.
For someone to be honest to us.

I want to tell you I would want to kiss you every time I hear a poem in Persian.

I want you to know you are special, and you are intelligent, and you are a good kisser too.

That these aren’t disjointed qualities.

That you aren’t disjointed personalities.

I want you to know that you are a lot of things, and each of them is important.

That you are wanted, for who you are.
That I want you, and I would, no matter what.



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