The first time we did it

The first time we did it, was
like being back at the beach,
my hands trying to cover
your breasts, like waves
trying to reclaim, shore
You heave at my touch, become
the sea, drown me, in undeniable
my teeth mark,
red and blue,
your skin
like footprints on sand, and then my
tongue licks, where your skin feels
warm and bruised, where hickeys
look like tan, from bathing too long
under the summer sun
my kisses trail, further down, stubble
scraping on naked skin, in your eyes
brown as sin, I find my longing melt,
and when my mouth
sucks you down
there, there’s a taste as bitter as the salt,
as raw as foam, as
as blood
I suck like a drowning man
struggles to breathe, underwater,
blind, with the smell of the ocean
lingering on my breath
I suck, you moan, the sea roars at
high tide, the water floods, dry
land, rising
up till, my tongue
is a lover’s bare ankle
getting drenched in the gushing flow
Then suddenly, the sea turns
wild, takes back into it’s throat, erect
banner of an oakwood boat, guzzles
swirls, waves like her tongue
around the tip of the mast
and in a moment, lovers turn
to water
in each other’s arms
entering each other, with reckless abandon, till knees hurt at the bend
till rooms spin into a ferris wheel
and the spinning
keeps getting faster
and soon my skin knows how deep
your aches run, and your sweat
knows, how my moaning begs
and as we come onto each other
as your salt  
                               in my mouth
as my waves turn
                  to froth,
                                in you,
I know we’d bleed
our bed together



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