Trigger Warning

What did you expect, when
you knocked on their doors,
gun in hand, trigger resting
on sprocket-coil-joint-waiting
for a moment’s notice
did you expect deliverance?
was there a dialogue?
did the dancing men try to
change your mind?
did they tell you, that some gods
are gay too, the way
some men and women are?
did they tell you some gods like resting
their divine heads, on another gods’
chests, such that their halo gets crumpled
along with the bedsheets?
did they tell you, god asks, to love others?
did they remind you, god made rainbows
so gay people could stand underneath, as
could straight or bisexual or transgender
one for each
each for one
colour of the heavenly arch?
because son, you’ve sinned
and in my eyes
they have held hands,
and they have kissed
and that is love,
which has always filled my heart
while hatred, has filled yours, to the brim



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