Terrible sexts for lonely nights #1

​Some men choose to 

gaze into the abyss, 

and when the abyss

gazes into them, that 

gaze turns people mad, 

they say it turns them 

into perverts, such that

they turn to seeking 

solace in the summer rain 

between warm thighs
Instead, I gaze into you while you sit 

on the counter beside the sink, feet 

dangling two feet from the slippery

floor of the bathroom we took refuge 

in, and you gaze back  into me, your 

eyes heavy with want, and your fingers 

twiddling where my tongue wished to

seek solace, your fingers, wet and

glistening, with the afterglow of a whiskey bottle left open for too long, 

and I almost rushed 

to please you, the 

way I knew best

and you said, stay

and I knew my place
Your fingers twiddled, and when your legs 

opened wider, it swallowed them whole

and you said, now show me what that 

does to you, show me

how it makes you mad

it was as if, I had been waiting for this, 

the way kids wait to be rebuked 

by their favourite teacher, in a moment

I was the cloud waiting to break

and my moans were the thunder

which kept getting louder, the fiercer

my hands stroked, the closer I came 

to breaking into rain, and flowing into you
You just sat, as if a light year away from me

watching with satisfaction, how your

gaze, could make me want to break myself

and when I couldn’t take it anymore, 

your eyes softened
You took me in your hands, and I 

screamed out your name, loud enough

for the neighbors to create rumors,

about men who shout into an abyss

and you said, yes, 

break- come – show me how you flow

and like the abyss it echoes in my ears

and when I gushed, when your 

hands ran full, with froth 
we kissed, the way an abyss, calls to men

the way, men rush into the abyss,

seeking shelter from the sun


One comment

  1. Mahasweta Das · July 17, 2016

    Why do you write so much about me?
    Which my string of lovers could not.
    When they say by unadulterated sexuality should be curved.
    Why do I have to be all those women you wrote about?
    Why is it so?
    How can you put my thoughts into words so good.
    I want to have a conversation with you. It’s like a necessity like the oxygen we breathe. I will leave off my number.
    If you wish vehemently as I do you can call me


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