Terrible sexts for lonely nights #3.

​We walk along roads wet with the rain

which turns the sidewalks into sand, 

we walk along the bistros and the café 

where young lovers don’t feel the need 

to become each other’s umbrellas, we 

walk across a backdrop of walls painted

with ‘immigrant whores fuck off’ and street

signs which lead one into no particular direction or cause, we walk like strangers

pretending not to know each other tonight
But like all pretense, this’ll last only till we 

reach your apartment, till our clothes come

off before we’ve made up our mind whether

I’ll take you in your bed or the couch facing

the street

This pretense lasts till you stand naked in 

front of me like a proud fluttering flag, and

I shiver like a newcomer, standing at your 


you hold my face and guide 

my lips across your naked landscape, gasping 

as my teeth bite on to your land, and my 

tongue leaves glistening trail like streams 

flowing through deserts
When the pretense is lost, and I’ve become

a part of you, you’ll take me in your mouth,

warm and wet, and welcoming of sin

and I’d feel myself become a street sign that 

always points west, and throbs and sways,

entangled in your tongue


your arms wrap around my waist, and you pull

me deeper till you gag 

and I, worried of my

intrusion, pull away

but you hold me just as close 

and your head moves like a magic trick 

appearing and disappearing that

part of me, engulfing me whole
soon, your mouth takes me in faster, 

and my hands hold on to your hair, 

in the frenzy of

approaching floods, 

your fingers push inside 

you- two at a time- and as I flow

for the first time, in your mouth
I wonder if it is possible, to distinguish 

my desires, from your welcome

your ocean, from my shores

your land, from my tenancy 



  1. ironmommi · July 12, 2016

    Beautiful imagery!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dyspeptalker · July 12, 2016

    Thank you so much @ironmommi
    So glad you liked it. 🙂


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