Terrible sexts for lonely nights #5.

​Hiding from prying eyes, she escapes 

every night to the tunes of my flute, 

this is something I take both pride 

and envy in, for I can never be sure, 

what drives her crazy, 

what makes her thighs moist

is it the thought of my dusky hard body, 

where goosebumps erupt like scales 

and a mole shines like a lonely moon, 

across vast heavens of darkness?
or is it my flute, 

does the shrill tune set loose

crawling throes of desperation, 

to be eaten out

in the middle of the cane fields?
Before me, she drops her dupatta and 

bares her heaving mounds of invitation, 

and when I do nothing, 

just stare, 

do nothing, 

just watch 

what a throbbing heartbeat does to her hardening nipples, she comes closer and pushes herself against me, and taking my hand in hers

she slides them down to where 

mountain moss grow wet with rain

where mountain spring flows from
Every night, she turns around before 

pulling me inside her, every night

I beg her to look into my eyes, 

as if they are the only testament 

to the love that breaks apart my body
but she doesn’t listen, she looks away

Every night, I take her from behind, 

her voice my only companion 

edging me on

instructing me 

when I must go gentle and when she feels invincible, the wind carries the strawberry scent of her shampoo, a strand of hair 

tickles my nose as 

I unleash myself 

inside her void, 

and she screams, yes, fill up this emptiness, and her screaming awakes some sleeping birds
Before leaving, she kisses me 

softly, I ask her,

why she doesn’t look at me

she smiles, because every night 

your flute lures me into your arms

might be our last, 

every time I tiptoe back home, 

might be my brother’s anger 

moulded into metal 

poured into barrels 

shot at 200 kilometers per second 

into these breasts you love and 

this face you kiss and this body 

you melt in your embrace
I don’t want you to see me, lover 

because in ecstasy there’s fear, 

and in love there’s shame, and 

between my thighs, they tell me

lies my brother’s ijjat


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