Terrible Sexts For Lonely Nights #6.

​Of all places we could’ve met, she 

chose a coffee shop outside a bar, 

where people came, half lost, 

half wandering into nights

she stumbled out of the bar

throwing open the doors, so 

a draught folded, and slipped

past the tattooed bouncer

and she was laughing, as 

she sat across from me, I 

saw a hickey, shining 

wistfully, on her neck

where kisses used to be, 

where my desires still are
She effortlessly worked through 

her cup of coffee, cupping it in 

her palms, and smiling

at me, her eyelids 

heavy as snow, she said 

I need some hotness, to keep me 

from freezing tonight
Then she hailed a cab, 

I hope you don’t mind, she turned 

and looked at me, and I followed 

her into the backseat, fetid smell 

of damp leather, and her hair, 

ruffled like they knew, where 

my hands wanted to be

She said, go, and the driver led the car

through the deserted city streets, with

no particular address in mind, just two

lovers, doubled up in the backseat, 

and their reflection in the mirror, 

objects are closer than 

they appear, in this
And she said, don’t give me hickeys

give me yearning, 

and give me slow poetry, that

unfolds, while you pin my hands 

to the foggy window, and my wrist 

turns numb from being

held too long, while your lips, 

find where my words come from, 

and with my toes, 

I’ll seek you too
When I find you, I’ll hold you 

between the soles of my feet, 

and slowly watch you moan

tortured breathing hot on my neck, 

I’ll watch how you plead with your 

eyes and dissolve me

in your name, the car will 

cruise through empty streets, 

and bits of music from the radio

will drift between us at times, 

I’ll bite my lips, when

I feel your wet tongue, 

under my ear, where I tuck 

in loose strands of hair, my 

feet will work faster, you’ll 

have a rhythm of your own too
And there will be a climax, where 

the driver turns right swiftly, and 

you crumple into my arms just as 

I feel the runny moistness, cold

as a trickle, briny as tears, tracing 

a new city across my feet, and the 

driver will drive on 

the cab, into the night, without any destination but the music 

from the radio, and 

spent stars, for company



  1. bhagirathy · July 26, 2016

    Holy shit.


  2. Mahasweta Das · August 7, 2016

    to be true like the truth of the universe,
    your posts leave me aroused as always
    I wish to be all those women at once
    when you weave magic on my body
    and eat those succulent flesh of mine
    we will meet where your imagination ends
    and mine begins


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