Terrible sexts for lonely nights #7.

​Eating her out on colder nights always reminded me of sin, her skin taut and 

erupting into goosebumps at a moment’s 

notice, I let my tongue find its way across 

the sweet smell of her thighs
Her smell was a concoction of berries 

and tea leaves and kisses that hurt, 

and where my tongue now dug in, 

felt as wet as her throat
Aria knew about my fascination with pain

She had seen me turn into clay in her hands when she came out of the bathroom 

after a shower, hair still damp and open, 

and let her towel slide off slowly from her gorgeous mounds, glistening and inviting 
She came closer, to the bed where 

I sat, and straddled me, slowly 

rubbing her naked crotch

on mine, making me hard and fierce

She submitted, yet in her submission 

I found my surrender, she pushed me 

away and pulled me close, she ripped 

me apart and healed me with a kiss, she 

left welts where she’d been and wanting 

where she hadn’t, she grabbed me by my 

hair and made my tongue forget syllables seeking release between her thighs
Aria held my hands and guided it across 

her body, the way lovers show each other constellations, as if daring me to take her

She pressed her body against mine and 

stroked me slowly, hearing me moan


I squeeze and grope, and she bites 

her lips, the way she grabbed the 

sheets when inside her my tongue 

felt the shudders of an explosion,

she breathed out heavily, her 

eyes closed, her lips trembling 

her hair thrown back, 

still damp

still open
Aria pushes me away and opens her eyes, 

and there’s only sadness in them, 

like empty cafes on rainy days, 

she kisses me goodbye gently, a 

peek of herself from behind 

the curtain where she stayed, 

out of reach

that night, I tried to get drunk, 

and forget how her lips had felt 

on mine, but I was neither very 

good at drinking, and my 

forgetting was bad as ever



  1. Nikkon · July 23, 2016

    read it on facebook and wanted to instantly find out the blog and gulp all of the wonderful writings in.
    Its wonderful to read such splendid pieces of joy.


    • dyspeptalker · July 23, 2016

      So glad. And so so happy. Thank you, and I promise there’ll always be more to return to, whenever you wish to indulge.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shreya · July 23, 2016

    Arias cannot go on picnics
    Chewing on breads stuck together with fruit jam
    Sipping lemonade from polka dotted mason jars
    No, Arias are terrible beautiful creatures
    Who blossom in cheap motels
    And bloom when the tongue dashes their dark chalice
    Which you enter and think you enter her deepest reserve
    Because she convinces you so
    Through her mad moans and wild surrender
    But Aria will always get up
    Her thighs still dripping with juices
    Roll her hair in a messy bun
    And suck on the filter of the cigarette she put out
    Before she spread her legs generously for you.


    • dyspeptalker · July 23, 2016

      Aria approves this piece of beauty. And says she loves it as her own.


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