TerribleTerrible sexts for lonely nights #8

​This may sound unbelievable, so 

please bear with me for a moment, 

there had been a moment, when I 

discovered entire worlds lie hidden 

between the spine of a book, entire 

gospels, about pleasure and wanting
There’s Ginny who walked into the Chamber 

of Secrets- head held high- who gave herself 

into the arms of a dark haired teenage boy because she wanted to, and no one judged her, no one called her a slut
There’s Luna with her collection of sex toys- ropes and vibrators and lubricants- and an appetite that could swallow a man whole

there’s Myrtle who moaned loud enough for three floors down to know when she orgasmed, and didn’t let anyone tell 

her a woman sounds best when she

doesn’t speak at all
There’s Pansy Parkinson who wore short skirts to Quidditch games and was often seen in empty classrooms-three fingers deep inside-  shivering as she gushed

There’s Parvati and Padma with skin as brown as oak and a string of lovers who lived between creases of their thighs and died at the edge of their tongue, there’s Ms. McGonagall who celebrated her 62nd birthday by inviting three male strippers into her bed, and as they lay spent- with scratches that bled and throbbed- she took a bath 

and poured herself another drink
There’s Dumbledore who absconded with his lover Grindelwald to Argentina and I hear they walk in eight gay parades every year, hands firmly held together

There’s Hagrid who weaves flowers into his matted beard and loves gardening and identifies as submissive, there’s Mad Eye Moody who moonlights as a paraplegic nude model, 

There’s Bellatrix who grabbed the sheets as her lover entered her from behind, who wanted to be held by her wrists and pushed onto the wall and kissed till her lips bled
and there’s Harry, with his tongue tasting like the sea after he’d been between her thighs long enough, who held her in his arms and watched her fall asleep, for whom the sexiest part about fucking was the intimacy after
In that moment I learnt, all desires were magic and the only potion for love was acceptance 

you’re waking up in a world of dreams where the only sin is to judge a soul by the weight it carries, and the only thing forbidden 

is the forest where centaurs roam


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