Terrible sexts for lonely nights #10.

​Keep still, you whisper, keep still please

and your mouth engulfs me whole, in one

gulp I become a part of you, my fingers

grabbing on to your hair, digging into your

scalp, and the deep moans emanating from

your throat busy taking my tongue down it

becomes lost in the din of the playing movie

the darkness of the theatre becomes shelter

to our sin, and the aroma of butter popcorn hides our primal smell as we claw and pounce on each other, each determined to make the other break, scream till the unaware audience calls the police, made to parade naked in 

front of a hundred watching eyes as we 

drip, as we spoil the cheap carpet and blue cushioned seats with our overflowing, yet undeniable proof of desire
and when it’s my turn I push you into your seat with a sudden fierceness that makes the hinges creak and the couple behind us shush but we are too far gone my hands are groping your nakedness in the blinding darkness the way falling stars claw for the sky, my head muffled between your squeezing thighs, your crotch damp and your skin blistering into breaking goosebumps your fingernails digging into my back, the sharp pain tearing my senses into a sudden placental desperation where all that mattered was my fierce tongue digging deeper into you and the throbbing veins in me
the thrusts were gentler, careful not to let anyone know, my fingers in your mouth, playing with your hungry tongue, stifling moans, while I entered you again and again

my sweaty back home to your invading fingers, my hands holding on to your shoulders as I pulled myself closer, and let myself go again

and as we approach climax, the movie does too, and in the darkness a child cries out, and in your ears I let out the loudest groan, as you clench your thighs to not let me leave
when the lights come back on, we leave first

because once stars break, they 

don’t stay in constellations

falling forever, till they meet the sea


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