Terrible sexts for lonely nights #12

you say, don‘t dream about me

you kiss me a moment later, the

kind of kiss where tongues rattle

against each other like hailstorm

and windowpanes, you kiss me

till I’m reluctant 

to open my eyes 

don’t dream of me, you whisper
don’t be so unkind, I want to tell you

don’t leave the embers glowing with

sparks that want to devour, and not

let them
let me touch you, I want to

say, nothing has ever felt 

more delicious on my fingers, 

than the warmth between

your breasts, than the 

sweat running down on your arm

than the moist folds of skin, which 

makes you moan, every time I touch
this dream would’ve been different, I want to tell you

our breathing would

feel like a storm stuck in our chests, I

would hold you and you’d tell me not

to go slow, this dream would’ve been

noisy, this dream would’ve ended in a

messy bed, waiting to be made again