Terrible sexts for lonely nights #11.

​Like pilfering and plundering marauders

her hunger for me is insatiable

she had me all to her mercy, sitting on the chair with me hands behind me awaiting the moment she devoured me, but Aria just watched me from a distance, squatting on the sofa completely naked, a drink in hand, her dripping crotch wetting the fabric, the dark spot underneath her spreading like rivers in the dense Amazon
My insides clawed and begged for her, her small perky breasts I knew were made to fit into my warm rough fists, the curve of her stomach which would shiver and erupt into forests of goosebumps when my tongue slid across it slowly, oozing with my starvation for her skin
Aria would straddle me when I would be at the peak of my desperation, pulling my hands from behind me and placing them on her hips
‘tear me apart’, she’d purr
and my fingers would glide along the stretch marks on her skin, the Northern Star to my depravity, leaving red welts along them like travelling trails along ridges, she’d moan and open her lips and stick out her tongue, and let her hunger for me trickle down into my open mouth, mix with my tongue, as she hoists herself with her hands on my shoulder and slides down again, making me enter deeper into her realms of pleasure
her nipples hard and protruding bathing in the warmth of my breath and rubbing between my teeth, I start to feel sweat trickling down my legs as my thighs become rigid, Aria plunges with her voluptuous mouth, eating my face out with violent kisses and incessant nibbles as my fingers roam her back as a last measure and find the spot I’ve grown so familiar with

and at that moment I feel myself explode inside her, filling her up with all of me, as we moan and scream our voices hoarse to the empty room and walls and bed and sofa they’ve been tainted with our lovemaking
later, Aria kisses me again, softly on my forehead, the way flowers float down into graves, the way love rushes into open arms, at the break of dawn


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